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Here you’ll find links to my blog, YouTube channel, podcast, social media, and any other avenues in which I talk practical ways to magical days in travel, all featuring such hot topics as... 


Dining: The latest but also the oldest trends.

History: Want drama? You got it.

Moment designs: My favorite days, with maps.

Book recommendations: The latest in entertainment.

Original writings: Scripts, poetry, essays, etc.

Cooking: After all, the best souvenir is on the dinner plate back home. 

Marble Surface

What is Travel with Stephen Rountree About?

Good travel is like a good blind date. You wouldn’t just stand in line for three hours, snap a picture of the date, and then go back home to your roommate and, when asked, say, “It was awesome. Got amazing pictures. Can’t wait to post ‘em.” 

A good blind date is one where you get to know the person that everyone else sees, sure, but the connection happens when you get to know the underneath, the depths, their history and why they are the way they are. What has changed them, what has not. And why. 

That’s my job: A good blind date matchmaker. I just want you to fall in love with the cities that I’ve fallen in love with. The written word, and all of the ways the written word is communicated in modern forms, is the best way I know how to set up that date. Everything that follows is your job. 

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