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We design moments for you, with easy-to-follow directions, so that you can experience our favorite moments with the cities we love, combined and based around the popular sites that, let’s face it, you were going to see anyway. I want nothing more than for you to see the sites, but also to experience the city and its people in their truest form. However, these maps are also left with an element that is purposely vague, because if, along the way, some off-trail person or place calls your name, you follow the first rule of Stephen Rountree Travel, and break-trail to answer that call. 

Mostly though, I’m a travel writer, and as such, I want to offer you an in-depth look at the cities I love, because like any good first date, the deeper you get to know one-another, the longer the relationship grows and lasts. It’s in this underneath of things that the magic lies. There’s no more practical way to fall in love than to get to know someone or, in this case, some place. That’s why my ultra clever tag line is...

Travel with Stephen Rountree - Practical ways to magical days in Europe. And other hot topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  


Who are you?

I'm a travel writer trying to find the very best in what good travel brings out. 

What do you do?
I write about finding real moments and memories that last long after the departure flight lands back home. So whether day or night, good or bad, we always have those moments in reserve. 

What is the goal of Travel with Stephen Rountree?
To make lives more beautiful by showing good travel that combines both the famous historical sites people are going to visit no matter what with enchanting modern experiences. 

Who is your target audience?  
Anyone who only has a few days in a city and wants to do famous attractions plus real-life modern culture found nowhere else but in that city. 

What was the genesis behind the idea for the company? 
Hoping to give people the kinds of evenings I’ve found in Paris that still haven’t ended because they’ve stayed with me. 

Why should we care about another travel blog?
Because too many people spend thousands of dollars and months in planning and logistical rearranging of life only to spend their days in a new city, in line, in crowds, and in a situation that will only be forgotten. Enchantment and unforgettable times with friends and family exist just around the corner, if only you know where to look, and how to get there. 

What makes Travel with Stephen Rountree different from what's on the market today? What makes you unique?
I share good travel experiences not just with a typical drive-by-paragraph or top ten unrelated bakeries spread across Paris, which, once there, are unpractical to get to or nowhere near the famous sites people aren’t going to go without, but I write about travel moments through story, stringing together a series of historical and modern European places and people, which are all, like good stories, related by closeness in geography, theme, or history.

Meet The Travel Team


Stephen Rountree

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I may have founded this company from scratch, but the people who work here are the ingredients that make this show a recipe for success. At the end of the day, there is no “I” in the word “Blog”. On behalf of the thousands of the employees who work so hard to bring you content of value, we hope you find entertainment, enlightenment, and most of all, fall in love with the cities and places and people that mean so much to us. Our happy places we happily share with you, our viewer. 


Stephen Rountree

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Nathaniel Hawthorne once said, “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” Here in the writers room we spend our days, our weekends, and many of our nights, following this simple creed, but with one simple twist: “Easy travel is damn hard writing.” We may be in the entertainment industry, but we are romance writers at heart. We work tirelessly, explore endlessly, and then bring it all home for you, our viewers. I’m honored to to be at the head of the hardest work team of writers in the business, but my job is the easiest one of all, because I have so many people making me look good, every single day. 


Stephen Rountree

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Production Assistant

I so honored to be beginning my career in travel showbiz here at Stephen Rountree Travel. What do I do here? I edit photos, set up lighting, take down lighting, sound editing, color grading, camera operator, lighting technician, graphics coordinator, and photographer...and really anything else that needs to happen to keep the technicalities of the blog running smoothly! I love working in the weeds of production so that I can free up the writers to work exclusively on creative content. Looking forward to many years with Stephen Rountree Travel. 

Thanks for submitting!

Send me a note. I’ll respond as soon as I can. 

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